SensAble Kids Success Stories

“Kelly worked with our son for about seven months and we quickly saw a difference. Once she began working with him he became more vocal and was learning how to self-regulate as well. Depending on what he needed that day Kelly always had an activity that helped him. She was very attentive, patient, and accommodating. She also educated us on what we could do to help him as well. If I ever had questions she always took the time to answer them. Whenever she was did an activity with him she would explain why she was doing it and what it focused on. She is an amazing OTA and we are so appreciative of all she has done for our family.”

“Lori has had an immeasurable positive impact on my family. Through his therapy sessions with Lori, my son has made huge progress with regulating his emotions, coping with his anxiety, interacting with people, motor planning and fine motor skills, just to name a few skills Lori has worked on with him. Throughout her work with him, Lori remains calm, she listens and takes his concerns seriously, but she pushes him to get out of his comfort zone and challenge himself. She has given him strategies for using what he learns with her out in the world. Lori acts as a resource, a sounding board and a sympathetic ear for me and my husband. She has helped us set-up my son for success despite some large challenges. With her advice and guidance, my son is flourishing. He still has challenges, but they don’t seem nearly as big as they were before he started working with Lori.”

What a treasure our family has found in SensAble Kids, and specifically Lori!. She has been working with our 7-year-old son for more than three years and has had such a positive impact on his life. Sensory and emotional regulation are Campbell’s biggest challenges with his ASD, and Lori fully understands how closely they are entwined for him. Their work together combines bodywork, fun gross-motor and core work in their amazing OT gym, fine-motor skills where needed, and above all a strong, trusting relationship that we all cherish. Campbell is not a huge fan of bodywork–he’d much rather be swinging or crashing in the gym–but he trusts Lori and her ability to help his body feel better, and has even started taking advantage of the quiet time together to share some of his troubles with her. She has a calm, accessible way of communicating abstract sensations and feelings to both children and adults that helps our whole family understand how Campbell senses and feels things in his body. Lori is also an incredible advocate for Campbell at school and within the complex system of IEPs. For two years, she pushed into his classroom to support him and his teachers and help develop best practices and  on-the-spot strategies to help him succeed. She also provides thorough, thoughtful progress reports for IEP meetings and attends those meetings as a family advocate. Huge thanks and thumbs up for SensAble Kids and our guy’s “favorite girl.”

Our son has attended occupational therapy at Sensable Kids for almost two years. As his needs have changed, Lori has thoughtfully evolved her approach and care. She patiently supports him through challenging sessions, building his emotional and physical competencies and toolkit.

SensAble Kids has always gone above and beyond for my son.  They are compassionate, caring and extremely knowledgeable. They are not only treating my child, but providing a therapeutic component to the family as a whole. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs OT.  

“Cathleen has made the biggest difference in our son’s life and we aren’t letting her go!”. 

“Breanna has been the only therapist on my child’s Early Intervention team that highlights the positives of what my little girl can do and the gains she has made. This has meant the world to us and given us hope”.

My son Jacob “Jakey” worked with Kelly in E.I. We had the pleasure of meeting with you too this fall. We sadly said goodbye to Kelly last week. Jakey will be attending school tomorrow. They will provide OT at school, but if I could keep Kelly I would in a heartbeat. I think I was able to tell you a little about his previous OT experience, and how much he disliked it. I was nervous about starting OT again with a new therapist. My nerves were quickly put at ease when we met Kelly. Jakey liked her on day one. She showed me that his little seeking feet needed input, to break crayons to get that correct grip, and other ways for easy input. I was so happy, finally someone understood what he needed. Kelly made each OT session fun, and different. She changed the order of things, and went at his pace for new activities. The way Kelly does an OT session is how OT should be for all kids. I wish we would have had Kelly the whole time in E.I. She forms a kind relationship with the child, and the parent, while remaining professional. I can’t say enough good things about Kelly. We loved her, and will miss her. 

My son has been going to SensAble Kids for about 2 years. When we began, I was unsure about the benefit of occupational therapy – which to my untrained eyes, pretty much looked like “play”. But over time, my son’s therapist explained to me why she was implementing the activities, and what skills are being worked on. The therapist has a unique ability to connect with children at their level, whatever that may be. During the time we’ve been at SensAble Kids, I’ve seen a marked improvement in my son’s core strength, and gross and fine motor skills. He’s also significantly improved in his ability to talk about and deal with emotions in a productive and considerate way.  These improvements are measured in the regular evaluations SensAble Kids does to see what’s improved, and what areas still need work. Their facilities are great, with lots of space for gross motor work, and smaller rooms for quieter one-on-one activities. SensAble Kids is highly recommended.

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