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We are SensAble Kids

Occupational, Speech, and MNRI Therapy Clinic located in Chicago, IL

We empower the children we work with to better understand themselves, gain greater control of their minds and bodies, and develop rich, fulfilling relationships.

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SensAble Kids services are for kids of all ages.


Pediatric Occupational, Speech &
MNRI Therapy in Chicago, IL

SensAble Kids believes in meeting each child at their developmental level to build a relationship with the child and help to develop their communication and relational abilities.

We believe one cannot separate emotional development from the physical development of the body, that they must be addressed simultaneously for true growth and optimal development.

We combine our understanding of the body and all of its systems with a relationship based model to create a comprehensive, personalized plan for each individual and their family.


The SensAble Kids Owl

I am frequently asked if I really love owls as I have always had an owl as part of the SensAble Kids logo.  Well, I do like them and love listening to them in my trees at night, but no, I am not owl obsessed.  When creating our original logo, I...

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Welcome to SensAble Kids!

For some time now I have wanted to create a space to share all of my many ideas, resources and takeaways from the countless hours of continuing education that I take part in each year.  I love educating the parents that I work with and understand...

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