The SensAble Kids Owl

I am frequently asked if I really love owls as I have always had an owl as part of the SensAble Kids logo.  Well, I do like them and love listening to them in my trees at night, but no, I am not owl obsessed.  When creating our original logo, I thought the owl would be a playful take on “SensAble” in our name, as one who is sensible can also be thought of as wise.

When going through our rebrand, I knew I wanted an updated owl that better spoke to what we do. This owl was designed with the playful tilt of his head, which is a universal non-verbal gesture that communicates “I’m listening or interested in what you have to say”.  All of us here at SensAble Kids are listening and interested in what our parents and children have to say!  So, the next time your dog tilts his head, know that he is listening.

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We empower the children we work with to better understand themselves, gain greater control of their minds and bodies, and develop rich, fulfilling relationships.

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SensAble Kids believes in meeting each child at their developmental level to build a relationship with the child and help to develop their communication and relational abilities.

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