Welcome to the Client Portal

Inside the client portal you will find new patient intake forms, an area to pay your invoice and a client feedback survey. Please download the intake forms, and return them at least 24 hours prior to your first appointment.

When you receive an invoice, please visit this area and input the amount on your invoice into the form below. You will receive a paid receipt upon payment.

Also, the Client Feedback Survey is here for you to complete at the end of your treatment program or as you desire throughout your program. We appreciate your feedback and all responses are kept confidential.

If you have any questions with your intake forms or have trouble paying your bill, please contact our office via email or phone.

Client Forms

Download Forms

Download the forms below and bring them to your first appointment. 

Questions: contact us via email or phone 

Pay Your Bill

Pay Your Bill

You have received an invoice and bill from SensAble Kids. Please enter your credit card information and amount on your invoice to pay your bill. Your information is secure and captured using Square. Once you pay your bill, you will receive a successful payment notice.

Questions: contact us via email or phone 

Client Feedback Survey

Our goal is to provide the best care and treatment to our clients. If you are currently working with a therapist at SensAble Kids, we would love to know what your experience has been so far. If you have completed a treatment program at SensAble Kids, would also like to know how your experience was.

All feedback is anonymous and sent to a HIPAA secure server. We value your feedback and thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. 

How would you rate your overall experience at SensAble Kids? (5 being the highest)